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Pilot Log

The Pilot Log is an electronic log book.
Perfect for you that want total control over all your flights and to be able to get nice reports printed or just for overview.

With our smart Initial Info function you can easily add previous flight times in one big batch, without having to enter every single flight.

Log everything:

  • Total time
  • PIC time
  • Co-pilot time
  • Dual time
  • And much more

Also log extra information like:

  • Slings
  • PAX
  • Engine Starts
  • And much more


  • Add all your papers in a nice list
  • Able to add hardcopy
  • Get warnings upon expirations


  • Big amount of reports with charts and tables
  • Advanced custom report function
  • Complete Report, perfect for the CV
  • Print versions

Profile page

Logbook page

Export to Excel

Keep track of your papers

Complete report