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On top of everything

Image of Staff overview and Minimas

Total overview & control

With the module Flight Ops Manager you can be sure to be on top of everything concerning your pilots.
The stystem is built with automatic monitoring, notifications and history logs to make it require as little time as possible for you.
See your Pilots papers he/she has added under his account.
The pilots can upload and update expiration dates and you monitor it.
Add linechecks, PC/OPC and things the pilot might not have added.

Minimas & Limits

The Minimas is a set of variables that specifies all requirements a pilot must meet to be able to fly.
You enter what papers, how much they need to fly, number of landings etc.
The system monitors all this and notify you if any thing is not met or about to expire.
Set up flight time and duty hour limits. When limits are reached you are notified by FLB message, email and/or SMS.
Makes it impossible for the pilots to fly/work over company limits without you knowing it.

Roster and scheduling

With the roster function you can shedule Everything.
Schedule missions, pilots, aircraft and even add own items eg cars, conference rooms, equipment etc to keep track of everything.
Set up different views and share them with the ones affected, eg make a roster view with conference rooms and make it only visible for people in the office building using them daily.

Image of rostering function


The company have a library spanning across all modules and users.
here the module users can upload all kinds of documents.
Advanced privileges makes the system very flexible and you are able to set which folders/files users can access or edit.


you can upload revisions to a set document, the new revison will be the only available for the users but you as administrator will also see complete list of previous revisions.

Must reads & notifications

To each upload you can set a Must Read, this means you set a deadline date and a message that will be sent out to all users affected by it.
Then the system tracks who have read the document and not, and sends notifications to the uploader and the users supposed to read the document.
A complete list of who have read the document and not is available for each documents so you can see when someone read it.
Perfect for important bulletins, informations and new revisions.

Company forums

Set up closed internal Forums for the company, this will only be visible and accessible for the people you select, you can have one forum for all emplyees, one for only top management, engineers etc.
This is a great mean to connect people in the company if you for example have many bases with people not meeting each other every day.

Image of company Forum

Extra users & Privileges

All modules can add extra users for the module.
These can be unrestricted as administrators, or set different privileges when it comes to access and edit possibility to match your demands.