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Flight Ops Manager module

On top of everything

With the module Flight Ops Manager you can be sure to be on top of everything concerning your pilots.
See your Pilots papers he/she has added under his account.
Now your pilots can upload and update expiration dates and you monitor it.
Add linechecks, PC/OPC and things the pilot might not have added.


Set up flight time and duty hour limits. When limits are reached you are notified by FLB message, email and/or SMS.
Makes it impossible for the pilots to fly/work over company limits without you knowing it.


FOM can upload documents for the pilots.
Perfect for general documents eg Checklists, OM revisions, AOC etc. The pilot can always access important documents.

Pilots and FOM are putting hours each month on just paper work. FLB helps not only the company finansionally but also cutting hours of paper work each month for everyone.

My pilots page

Pilot page

A chart for a Warning the FOM set up

Time of flight/Duty time warnings