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OP module

OP is the module where you follow the aircrafts GPS, make mission planning and Internal flightplans.
FLBs GPS tracking is accessed through the OP module and makes follow up on the aircrafts easy.

Mission planning

OP can here set up flights on aircrafts and pilots, easily accassible for the pilots aswell.
If the company uses the Economy module, the pilot opens the planned mission he just flew and press "Make mission report" and billing adress, name etc are copied to the mission report and the pilot only need to add his info about the flight.

Internal Flightplan

Follow up is easy done with the internal Flightplan function where the pilot files a flightplan complete with w/b.
The Flight plan goes direct to the OP which recieves an SMS about the new FP.
The pilot can after the flight close it either via his Pilot account but also via a short SMS.

Planning page

Mission reports page